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Securities Expert Witness

About Us

I have worked with Dave as a peer and colleague developing new strategic business initiatives. Dave is a very clear thinker and straight shooter with the creative, yet practical view that comes from having been successful in both running a business and operating in large organizations.

Dale Richards, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Value Creation & Leadership in Software & Data

Since founding the TilkinGroup™, David has provided testimony in the following venues: FINRA, AAA, JAMS and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Clients have included private practice attorneys, in-house counsel, state securities regulators and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The TilkinGroup™ has been providing full-time expert witness services since 2008.

There are three basic services offered by the Tilkin Group:

  • Securities Expert Witness
  • Portfolio Risk Assessment and Evaluation
  • Ethics/Best Practice CE Training/Public Speaking

About Us

The pricing mechanism for Expert Witness Services is based on engagement and time to hearing.  The closer to hearing, the higher the hourly and testimony rate.  Retention agreement required.

The pricing mechanism for Public Speaking/Training is based on a session fee with reimbursement for cost of travel and accomodations.

Tilkin Group

I had the opportuntity to work with David, first as SunGard acquired his compliance software firm, and then as he was esclated within SunGard to craft a common vision and message of compliance across a multitude of diverse business segments. He is persistent to a tee, doesn't easily accept "no, and finds ways to deliver on his commitments. I look forward to my next opportunity in working with David.

Tom Selby, Managing Director -  MA Holding LLC

Why Choose Us


Safety of Your Data/Documentation

We take all effort to protect data and confidential information both electronic and hard copy.

Discovery Support

We offer a full-range of expert witness services, focused on security industry rules and regulations within the United States.  Discovery strategy and support is provided on each case.

Strategy Development

 We provide all our clients with a working strategy, based on professional review and analysis.