Securities Expert Witness

About the Tilkin Group

The efforts of the TilkinGroup™ support both private practice attorneys litigating against the securities industry and the efforts of financial service firms in their defense of claims. I have testified in numerous cases involving issues including but not limited to capital markets, suitability, fiduciary responsibility, supervision, private placements, investment schemes, insurance products, product due diligence, alternative investments, raiding, capital markets, employment and sales practices.


I have unique insight into the financial services community. Years of experience as a broker, branch manager, regional director, senior managing director and as a technology leader directing the effort to develop the first system to automate the process of supervision, exception reporting and sales practice review have cultivated a unique understanding of the financial services industry.


The TilkinGroup™ is your greatest resource in litigation support; we can assure you that our testimony skills will advance your firm’s ability to succeed.


You should always expect rapid, identifiable and measurable success for YOUR client. Nothing less is acceptable.


About Us

The pricing mechanism for Expert Witness Services is based on engagement and time to hearing.  The closer to hearing, the higher the hourly and testimony rate.  Retention agreement required.


The pricing mechanism for Public Speaking/Training is based on a session fee with reimbursement for cost of travel and accomodations.

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